About Us

The Apothecary Store is an online boutique specialising in luxury natural & organic cosmetics from around the world. The Apothecary Store isn’t here to preach. Your reason for arriving on The Apothecary Stores website is completely personal to you and the same applies for how far you to want to go with a natural and organic lifestyle. What The Apothecary Store is here for is to be your premier online resource for the latest luxury natural, organic beauty and wellness products on the market today. The Apothecary Store will bring online customers quality and effective natural and organic skin care, make up, hair care, body care products that love you and the planet. The Apothecary Store prides itself on the core beliefs of selling only effective and pure products from natural & organic ingredients the way nature intended.

About Me

I will get started by telling you about myself and how I began this journey of wanting to open my own luxury natural, organic beauty and wellness store.

For the past 8 years I have been working at the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine as a Forensic Technical Officer and I also work with the Donor Tissue Bank of Victoria to retrieve tissue grafts for transplantation. This job has been my dream job since I was 13 years old, I have always had a passion for forensic science, anatomical pathology and the human body.

I have always had a passion for natural and organic skincare and wellness products and have used these types of products for years.

Back in 2010 I was going through a very hard time mentally, emotionally and physically due to the loss of my Nana who passed away from a horrible long life battle with breast cancer. My mother was also diagnosed with thyroid cancer and everything was just becoming a big struggle. I was really unwell with a lot of stress related illness so I decide to take some time off work and to start looking after myself again. So I went to The Golden Door Health Retreat in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales for seven days and my experience there has been forever life changing. I attended a detoxification seminar and one of the topics was about toxic chemicals and ingredients found in everyday items we use, one being skincare of course. It was not just the toxic chemicals and ingredient discussion that got me into the journey of wanting to open my own natural and organic online store, because using skincare/ beauty products free of toxic chemicals and ingredients has always been something that I have been interested in and avoid, the thing that got me inspired was the other women in the room. Some of them had no idea about the dangers, some thought they were using products that where toxic chemical and ingredients free but had been mislead and the other thing was they did not know where to purchase these toxic chemical free products or what things to look out for.

That night I went in my room and started brain storming about my store and I haven't looked back since. My passion is to educate women and men in Australia, what toxic ingredients to avoid and to supply them with the best luxury handcrafted natural and organic beauty, wellness products from Australia and from around the world.

Our Mission

The Apothecary Store’s on a mission to dispel the myth that natural and organic beauty is only for granola eating hippies (and for you beautiful people too) and show that eco beauty is better for both you and the planet.

The Apothecary Store's mission is to source and offer customers a carefully edited selection of high quality and effective beauty, wellness products from innovators and specialists from around the world and all the while promising a collection of the finest natural and organic beauty offerings.

Brand Selection

The Apothecary Store has launched some of the most advanced and luxurious natural and organic beauty brands into the Australian market, The Apothecary Store has been the first to showcase May Lindstrom Skin, Vered Organic Botanicals, Lina Hanson, Theodent and Mox Botanicals.

The Apothecary Store has no affiliation with any of the brands we stock; we have simply searched far and wide on your behalf and have chosen the most effective and luxurious natural & organic beauty products.

Cruelty- Free Products

All of our products are NEVER tested on animals are cruelty-free and packaged in reusable or recyclable materials. Our standards are high...because we know yours are too.

We’ve done the research so you can shop Eco-friendly beauty products, effortlessly.