Pack of Five Cotton Face Cloths

Pack of Five Cotton Face Cloths

Brand: Votary
Size: 5 Face Cloths
In Stock
Price: AU$50.00

This is simply the best way to beautiful skin: Take one of these lovely fluffy cotton face cloths and your favourite VOTARY Cleansing Oil. Massage the Cleansing Oil into your skin, soak a clean and fresh face cloth in hand-hot water, then wring it out. Immediately apply the face cloth to your whole face. Breathe in, and allow the steam to penetrate your pores. Then gently rub your oil and make-up away to reveal clear, plumped and deeply hydrated skin.

Your face will love you for it.

Box contains five pure cotton terry face cloths.

Care Instructions: Wash at 60°C. Tumble dry.

Ingredients List
Ingredients 100% cotton. Made in Portugal

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