Rose Quartz Face Roller

Rose Quartz Face Roller

Size: 1 Rose Quartz Roller
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Price: AU$54.00

The Apothecary Store genuine Rose Quartz Rollers are super luxurious and designed to help reduce the appearance of redness, calm puffiness, and energise the skin. Integrating this facial roller into your beauty care is a simply luxurious way to massage serums into the face and neck. This gorgeous gemstone massage tool will get your glow going by giving a gentle lift to skin tone by encouraging elasticity, revving radiance, getting the fluids flowing, stimulating skin out of stagnation.

Method of Use:

For a gentle lift to the skin and complexion, gently, without applying pressure, roll the rose quartz across freshly cleansed skin in an upward and outward motion. Make 5-10 straight strokes in each area.

Ingredients List
Ingredients Genuine Rose Quartz.

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