La Belle Lune

La Belle Lune

The Journey of La Belle Lune started many moons ago. Created from a sprinkling of passion, a dash of perseverance and a pinch of Mother Nature…

Organic Skin, was born from a very interesting and exciting adventure into the wonderful world of oils. La Belle Lune that essential oils and cold pressed seed oils are a form of magic, and it is our pleasure to bring this magic to you. Natural, wholesome, nourishing skincare is where our passion lies. La Belle Lune wants to bring you the finest ingredients possible because your skin deserves nothing but the best and so does our beloved planet. Your skin is actually your largest organ and absorbs what you put onto it, this is why La Belle Lune believe natural and organic is best. Plants nourished by Mother Nature herself, grown respecting and protecting the natural ecosystem and using environmentally friendly farming methods.

La Belle Lune will never use any chemicals or synthetics and are 100% Vegan and of course Cruelty Free.

The La Belle Lune packaging is recyclable and La Belle Lune encourages you to reuse or recycle as you wish.

Made in the UK.

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Organic Skin
This completely organic facial oil from La Belle Lune is made in the United Kingdom in small batc..
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