Carbon 6 Lab

Activated Charcoal & Oral Probiotics Toothpaste


A scientific formulation of all natural, elemental ingredients to rocket your oral health into a realm of pure perfection.

This high quality, pH-balanced, sulphate-free, carbonised paste contains plant-derived antimicrobial oils, oral probiotics and chlorophyll to help maintain not only healthy teeth and gums, but overall health. The activated charcoal removes stains without the harsh silica abrasives of standard toothpaste and freshens your breath while absorbing and eliminating impurities.

The amount in this tube should last you 4-6 weeks.


Brush teeth thoroughly after meals or at least twice daily.  For maximum benefit, brush teeth once thoroughly to eliminate any food particles from the oral cavity and rinse. Brush again with a fresh application of Carbon6Lab and expectorate excess.

Please note: When opening for the first time, please hold the tube with the nozzle upright and let the paste settle for a few seconds before unscrewing the lid in order to avoid any product escaping due to possible pressure build-up during the shipping process. Carbon6Lab have added some extra space in the tube for this reason.

Activated Charcoal (Willow Bark) - Alkaline Water - Irish Moss - Xylitol - Calcium Bentonite Clay - Oregano Oil - Oral Probiotics (S. Salivarius K12) - Organic Sassafras Extract - Aloe Vera - Grapefruit Seed Extract - Perilla Seed Extract - Tea Tree Oil - Chlorophyll.

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