Coconut Oil


Cocovit Coconut Oil is harvested from fresh, organic coconuts in South India. This 100% raw, versatile oil is suitable for all ages, skin & hair types.

In addition to Cocovit Coconut Oil deeply nourishing, repairing and strengthening your skin and hair, the oil also has countless other long-term uses and benefits. such as eye-makeup & make-up remover, cuticle softener, shaving balm, nappy rash and cooking oil, who wouldn't want to replace all those products with this pure multi-purpose product.


Use it for literally everything such as: hair treatment, makeup remover, lip balm, surfer's rash, nipple balm, body moisturiser, lip balm, natural spf4, homemade skincare, feet soak, lubricant, cellulite treatment after body brushing, bath-oil, eczema relief, dandruff remedy, cradle-cap remedy, fungus treatment + can be used in diets, food prepping, cooking/frying oil + salad dressings.

100% Raw Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil - Certified USDA Organic.

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