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Catalyst Gold Capsules


The Herbalore Catalyst Gold Capsules will be your hero supplement, especially if you've been burning the candle at both ends or want to improve your overall health. This all-natural product has been scientifically developed using a host of powerful ingredients that work to boost the metabolism and immune system, support and strengthen hair, skin and nails and combat fatigue and exhaustion.

Easy to incorporate into any daily routine, they also help cut unhealthy cravings and fight signs of aging. Vitamin B7 improves hair, nails, skin and digestive tract. Calcium Carbonate works to maintain healthy bones, muscles, nervous system, and heart. Açai Berry is packed with antioxidants that boosts your metabolism and immune system.


Take two capsules daily with water. 240 capsules, 120-day supply.

Biotin - Calcium Carbonate - Magnesium Citrate - Selenium - Spirulina - Chlorella - L-Glutamine - Acai Berry - Dandelion - Eleuthero Root - Camu Camu - Astragalus - Mangosteen - Grape Seed Extract - Turmeric and Flax Seeds.

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