Bioactive Rose Gommage


A bioactive peeling gel that exfoliates - without using abrasive ingredients - to improve the appearance of skin texture and refresh dull / tired complexion. Skin instantly appears smooth and glowing.

Gommage [erase in French] is a professional-type exfoliation method used to thoroughly erase dead skin and build-up of impurities, without irritating the skin. Fabulous for all skin types, this divinely rose-scented bioactive gel unveils a delightful feeling of newfound baby soft skin.

Papaya Enzymes + Pineapple Enzymes act as a duo to dissolve dead skin and refine skin texture by improving the appearance of pores, to unveil a smooth, glowing complexion. Hyaluronic Acid, naturally present in the skin's structure, plays a crucial role in the beauty and health of the skin, helping to bind and retain water. Konjac Root contains natural cleansing and purifying properties to support a clean, refreshed complexion. Rose Water helps to improve the appearance of redness, moisturise and calm even the most sensitised skin.


This gel can be used as a gommage or masque. Use the facial brush (included in box) to apply a thin layer over face, neck & décolleté - let the ingredients work their magic.

To gommage: Let dry slightly - Just before fully dry, gently rub off the gel - The product will roll off under fingers. Rinse residue with warm water.

To masque: Let dry completely - Rinse off with warm water.

Rosa Damascena [Rose] Distillate - Glycerin* - Carica Papaya [Papaya*] Leaf Extract - Carica Papaya [Papaya*] Fruit Extract - Ananas Comosus [Pineapple*] Fruit Extract - Sodium Hyaluronate [Hyaluronic Acid] - Glucomannan [Konjac Flour] Powder - Benzyl Alcohol - Sodium Bicarbonate [Baking Soda] - Aqua [Water] - Melia Azadirachta [Neem] Extract -  Coccinia Indica [Ivy Gourd] Extract - Solanum Melongena [Eggplant] Extract - Aloe Barbadensis [Aloe] Extract - Ocimum Sanctum [Tulsi] Extract - Curcuma Longa [Turmeric] Extract - Corallina Officinalis [Seaweed] Extract *Organic Origin.

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