Cha Iràcema

Organic Toasted Maté Loose Leaf Tea


Artisanal loose-leaf tea from Chá Iracema is a refreshing maté with a delightful, full-bodied aroma. This bold nutty maté transcends time and tradition. Pure rainforest-harvested organic green maté is toasted and lightly smoked to amplify depth and enhance the generously long finish. Rich in vitamins A, C, E, B1 and B2 and minerals.

Certified fair trade. 100% natural and USDA organic. With its satiating layers of deep flavour and resplendent Art Deco packaging, morning and afternoon tea breaks are upgraded to excellence.

Packaged in a handcrafted glass bottle.


Heat water just short of boiling. Steep and enjoy. Serve hot or cold.

Pure Organic Toasted Maté.

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