Josh Rosebrook

Nourish Conditioner


A rich, moisturising miracle for all hair textures (perfect for normal to dry scalp conditions) Josh Rosebrook’s Nourish Conditioner is a total treat to use – you'll soon see why LA stars have fallen under Rosebrook’s luscious natural spell. Luxuriously conditioning nut, seed and plant oils, fatty acids and active phytonutrients effectively moisturise and restore lustre, while herbal infusions stimulate scalp circulation to leave strands strong, soft and shiny. Camelina seed, evening primrose, grape seed and hemp seed oils – enhanced with shea butter – boost hair’s hydration, enhancing shine and leaving every strand silky-soft. Alongside this, nettle, alfalfa, rosemary and horsetail stimulate follicle circulation to encourage hair growth and strengthen, while calendula and linden flowers calm and condition the scalp to enhance the moisturising benefits.


Apply to ends, then comb through with fingers. Chill out for 3-minutes (if you like), then rinse.

*Aloe Vera Leaf Juice - Water - *Camelina Oil - *Coconut Oil - *Meadowfoam Seed Oil - *Olive Oil - *Hemp Seed Oil - *Shea Butter - *Rosemary - *Calendula - *Nettle - *Catnip - *Alfalfa - *Rose Hips - *Flax - *Dandelion - *Linden - *Burdock - *Horsetail - *Sage - *Chamomile - *Ginseng - *Oregano - *Thyme - *Lavender - *Peppermint - *Goldenseal - *Cinnamon - *Cayenne - †Sustainably Sourced Palm Kernel Extract - *Guar Gum - §Xanthan Gum - §Potassium Sorbate - *Vinegar - †Lavender Essential Oil - †Orange Essential Oil - †Rosemary Essential Oil - †Ylang Ylang Essential Oil.* Certified Organic Ingredient † Organic §Non-Gmo Plant Sourced.

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