Loco Love Chocolate

Wild Orange with Reishi & Chaga


If you're not a fan of the orange and chocolate combination please give this one a try, we promise you’ll love it. With added Reishi and Chaga, super adaptogenic medicinal mushrooms, immune boosting, adrenal restoring and all-round health enhancing tonics. Blend perfectly with the smooth wild orange cacao centre.


Eat and enjoy on its own or with your favourite hot beverage.

Cacao Paste* - Cacao Butter* - Coconut Oil* - Coconut Blossom Nectar* - Coconut Blossom Sugar* Wildcrafted Reishi Extract (10:1) - Wildcrafted Chaga Extract (10:1) - Wild Orange Oil* - Celtic Salt. May Contains Traces Of Nuts. (*Certified Organic).

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